Terms of exchange and refund

The return of goods of proper quality is providing if the goods have no signs of usage, its properties, factory labels are preserved.

Goods of proper quality, that can’t be returned: technically complex household goods ( phones, laptops, etc.), goods that are sold on a cut (twisted pair, mounting wire, acoustic, power cable), electronic components soldered into the board.

In case of sale of goods of improper quality, the store, at the request of the buyer, produces:
– replacement for a product of a similar model;
– replacement for a product of another model with the recalculation of the purchase price;
– refund.

The same procedure is applied for a good quality product.

Procedure for making a refund:
⁃ leave a request to email shop@twangmodular.com;
⁃ discuss delivery options;
⁃ wait for a product expertise;
⁃ fill out an application for refund.